Dirt Squirrel by Wade Hopwo & Daniel Lypchuk

An unapologetically cheeky and provocative brand that is committed to the orgasmic evolution of men’s underwear. We aspire to capture the controversial essence of boldness and nostalgia of simplicity, and shove it (consensually) right down your pants! A truly pragmatic approach, to making you an easy, breezy, bangable: Dirt Squirrel.

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Dirt Squirrel or “dirter” for short began as a term used to describe our friends during times of moral inconsistencies or questionable character. By true definition of the word, nobody can escape this label. We are all, in one way or another, terminally inappropriate to society’s standards. We are all Dirt Squirrels. Some more than others, but we digress…

Now for the big, redundant question we always get asked: “What made you choose to start a clothing company?” Alcohol, because: the struggle. We were both in university at the time, which had taught us that by the end of our degrees we would be left with crippling debt, expensive pieces of paper to hang on our walls (extra if framed) and credentials no employer really gave two shits about.

Since that magical, blurry moment in 2013, Dirt Squirrel has been a grower not a shower, continuing to develop and put big packages in our customer’s hands. We have added other apparel to our product list and have travelled around shooting Dirt Squirrel cheer in everyone’s faces. It has been a complete rush that we plan on continually chasing.

Our vision for the future is to encourage provocative behaviour and people to embrace their inner deviant: the Dirt Squirrel lifestyle. After all, in a closed society where everybody’s guilty, the only crime is getting caught! We also plan to keep putting out marvellous apparel that will be there for all of your spontaneous and mischievous adventures, because at the end of the day, who doesn’t like putting out?

The answer is: nobody, dirter.

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Dirt Squirrel headquarters is located in Vancouver, Canada.
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