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The Whole Package

The Whole Package: Season 1 Sneak Peek

Make sure to join us this season on The Whole Package while we search for Dirt Squirrel’s next brand ambassador! At Dirt Squirrel, we like our men like we like our underwear: comfortable. However, this season will have plenty of uncomfortable moments that will make you clutch your pearls or gasp uncontrollably.  Tune in every […]

The Whole Package

The Whole Package Trailer

The Whole Package The wait is finally over and our TV show is about to air on Friday February 1st after Rupaul’s AS4 on OutTV. This season, twenty amateur male underwear models compete in stripped-down photoshoot challenges for the chance to become Dirt Squirrel’s newest brand ambassador, a cash prize of $5,000, a photo spread […]

Day #1 Filming: The Whole Package

This is Dan and I (Wade), the owners of Dirt Squirrel Co. We are ex’s who started this business together four years ago over an ambitious Skype conversation during our last year of university. We starting dating when Dirt Squirrel came to fruition then dated for the next three years before ending things. It left […]