Dirt Squirrel Briefs…and why I love them.

“As an avid Drag Race fan I always take note of the pit crew (who doesn’t?), and on one particular episode I noticed a new brand I hadn’t heard of before – ‘Dirt Squirrel’. The briefs looked pretty awesome so of course I asked my good friend Google to go forth and locate and quickly stumbled across their website.

Not only do they sell Briefs, but they have a great range of other mens underwear, t-shirts, tanks, sweaters and a selection of fans and accessories too. For me, I really, really wanted to take a test drive of the ‘Millennial Pink Brief’ made from 95% Bamboo & 5% Spandex. So I opened my wallet and placed an order for just the one pair.

After spending a day in my briefs it almost felt like i’d gone commando, although everything was nicely supported I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all, so much so I kept tugging the waist band to make sure they were still there. I was horny the entire day (sorry if that’s too much info but when you have fabric that soft, you can’t help but touch, stroke, feel, grab, prod, poke etc etc!)”.