Win a Work’s Week Supply of Dirt Squirrel Underwear

“Established in late 2013, Dirt Squirrel has endeavored to become a provocative and premium-casual lifestyle brand that is committed to the orgasmic evolution of men’s underwear. A homage to the 90s while reveling the now, Dirt Squirrel aspires to capture the essence of boldness and nostalgia of simplicity and shove it right down your pants. Reasonably […]

August 9, 2014 | Posted in Press

Homoculture May 2014

“It is a commonly acknowledged truth that clothes make the man, but when people say that, are they thinking just of the designer jeans and the logo on the shirt? A new Vancouver based underwear company, Dirt Squirrel, has a vision that definitely starts at the very first layer that you put on”. See more […]

June 2, 2014 | Posted in Press

Gay Vancouver March 2014

Full article available at: Excerpt: Unless you’re going commando, underwear is one of those necessities of life, but long gone are the “tighty-whiteys” that your father used to wear (unless of course you’re wearing them ironically).  The latest entry into the underwear market, Dirt Squirrel, comes from two Vancouver friends Wade Hopwo and Daniel […]

April 17, 2014 | Posted in Press

Vancouver Sun April 2014

Excerpt: Dirt Squirrel underwear brand is ‘a little sassy and encourages people to step out of their comfort zones in order to bring the underwear to life.’ Q How would you describe your line? A (Dan): Dirt Squirrel is liberal, fun and sensible with a bit of an edge. We have endeavoured to create something […]

April 17, 2014 | Posted in Press

Vancity Buzz February 2014

Full article available at: Excerpt: Men are beginning to realize taking care of their business is a head-to-toe, outer to inner layer process. But here’s a wake-up call: underwear is the foundation of your appearance and if you are garbed in garbage, it has a funny way of seeping out to the surface and affecting […]

April 16, 2014 | Posted in Press

Homorazzi March 2014

Full article available at: Excerpt: There are two things I never feel guilty spending money on: local businesses and great underwear. Move over Andrew Christian there’s a new player in town! Introducing Dirt Squirrel, a Vancouver based company that promises to “protect your nuts” with their line of high-end men’s underwear. Two adorable boys, Wade […]

April 16, 2014 | Posted in Press


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